Where is my cashback reward? I made a purchase and used Cashback Hacks, but I don’t see it in my dashboard.

There are a few reasons you might not see a cashback reward reflected on your dashboard:

  • It takes some time for merchants to tell us that you activated and used a cashback reward. Some notify us within an hour, while some take several days. If it has been more than five days and you don’t see your purchase recorded in your dashboard, please contact our customer success team at support@qapital.com or in the support section of the app.
  • You may not have clicked Activate to claim your cashback offer. When you arrive at a site that supports Cashback Hacks, a Cashback Hacks alert will pop up. Click Activate to enable Cashback Hacks for that website.
  • The purchase was not eligible for cash back. Not all items are eligible for cashback at the same rate, and some items (like gift cards or limited edition items) are not eligible for cashback. To confirm that your purchase was eligible to earn cash back, check the merchant’s Offer Details & Terms. To find the Offer Details & Terms, visit the merchant’s website and wait for the Cashback Hacks alert to pop up. When it does, click Offer Details & Terms and review the merchant’s policy.
  • The purchases you made with Cashback Hacks using Safari on your mobile device don’t appear in the Chrome desktop dashboard. The Chrome web dashboard only shows purchases made using the desktop tool. Check the dashboard in the app for purchases made on desktop and mobile. 
  • Cashback Hacks might be blocked by a privacy or ad-blocking extension or software. Disable any privacy or ad-blocking extensions or software when you’re using Cashback Hacks to make sure your reward can be processed.
  • Your cashback offer may have expired. Some merchants require that a purchase is made the same day that you activate the cashback offer. If you clicked Activate on your Cashback Hacks offer and completed your purchase more than 24 hours later, the offer may not have been valid.

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