How does the Fail-safe affect referrals?

The referring Qapital account holder and the Referred User will receive the Everyday Referral Bonus once the Referred User makes a deposit to a Qapital goal and that user's account has been open and in good standing for 45 days with a successful membership payment processed. Qapital will consider a Qapital goal account in good standing when it has a positive account balance of at least $20 and an active, verifiable status.

Keep in mind that we have an automatic fail-safe mechanism that kicks in if a Qapital transfer will leave a user's external funding account with less than $100 in it. The fail-safe is put in place to help prevent overdrafts. The fail-safe cannot be disabled or adjusted, and the Referred User will need to have enough funds above the fail-safe threshold ($100) in the external account in order to make a deposit into Qapital. You can read more about the fail-safe here.

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