Payday Divvy

Payday Divvy helps you figure out your full financial picture.

By breaking down your assets and goals, Payday Divvy helps allocate toward what you need and what you want.

When the system recognizes a deposit in your account, it will prompt you to assess your needs until the next time you get paid, and allocate all your funds accordingly. After reviewing your fixed expenses, it helps you to estimate how much you should move to your Spending account, how much you should send to your Goals, and a cushion to leave in your external account. Once you move through Payday Divvy, a transfer will be initiated to move the funds into Qapital. You can find the Payday Divvy feature in the upper right hand corner of the app on the 'Overview' tab.

Please note that you'll have to trigger Payday Divvy manually when you receive your paycheck. If you have used it before it will remember your selections from earlier, but you'll still need to trigger it manually.

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