Manual Review and Document Verification

If you are in the Manual Review process for your Qapital account, you’ll need to upload one document from the following list of accepted documents:

Acceptable documents are:

  • Current checking/savings account statement from a financial institution
  • Telephone bill
  • Statement from an internet/cable/satellite provider
  • Home or renter's insurance invoice (no car insurance policies accepted)

This document must include:

  • Your Full Name.
  • Your Address. Must match the address you submitted on your application and include unit numbers and city/state/zip.
  • Current Date. This document must also have a statement/printed date clearly listed that shows it was issued within the last 60 days. We cannot use a "due date" for the invoice/statement.

The address you have listed is where your card will be mailed upon approval. This must be a residential address (i.e. no P.O. boxes, R.R boxes, or H.C. boxes).

We'll also need:

A photo of your driver's license. Make sure the license is valid, fully visible, not blurred and without any glare (so you don't have to re-submit).

You’ll need to use your legal name exactly as it appears on your government-issued photo ID. Nicknames and abbreviations are not accepted. If your legal name includes a hyphen, or if your name contains a suffix (Jr., II, III, etc.), this must also be included during sign-up.

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