What does it mean to unlock Qapital Invest?

Unlocking Qapital Invest means that you get access to Qapital Invest and a Spending Account with a Qapital Visa Debit Card*. 

Qapital Invest is a new kind of investment tool that makes investing your money as easy as saving it. We’ll help you select stock and bond funds based on the level of risk you choose and when you need to access the money using a strategy based on the Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory. We also use the same Goals-based approach that you already know and love when you save with us. Qapital Invest is meant for Goals that are longer-term than your traditional Savings Goals.

*The Qapital Visa® Debit Card is a debit card issued by our partner bank, Lincoln Savings Bank. You can use it anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. There are no monthly or overdraft fees, and you'll now earn 0.1% interest on both your Spending and Goals Accounts. Your Spending Account is the checking account linked to your Qapital Visa® Debit Card, and your Goals Account is the account linked to your savings Goals.

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