How do I stop Payday Divvy transfers?

  • To skip a Payday Divvy transfer, go to the Payday Divvy dashboard in the Funding tab. Click on the next deposit section at the bottom of the page. Next, tap ‘Skip deposit’ at the top right corner. Your Payday Divvy transfers will go back to your normal schedule after you skip.
  • To pause Payday Divvy transfers, open the Qapital app, go to the bottom navigation, and tap Funding. Open the Payday Divvy dashboard. Tap each goal for which you’d like to stop transfers and move the slider to 0%. To resume Payday Divvy transfers, move the slider back to the percentage you’d like to save.
  • To cancel all Payday Divvy transfers, open the Payday Divvy dashboard and tap the settings button, which looks like a small gear. Tap Deactivate Payday Divvy and follow the instructions. 

Please note that in order to make changes to your next scheduled transfer, you must make these changes before the transfer is due to leave your external funding account. Changes made after the deadline will apply to the next scheduled transfer. Contact our Customer Success team at if you have further questions or require assistance.

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